Organ-on-chip for blood-brain barrier research

By combining the principles of microfluidics, microfabrication and cell culturing techniques, a new generation of laboratory platforms has emerged, known as “organ-on-chip”. Organ-on-chip systems are microfluidic devices containing living cells. These microfluidic devices can better recapitulate microenvironments compared to previous in vitro models. Microfluidic devices are especially suitable for modeling biological barriers, such as the blood-brain barrier, as they can...

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Shear stress: Are you working with the wrong flow rate?

Introduction  Knowing the real flow rate is an important matter in microfluidic research to avoid experimental errors and get the most accurate results. During an experiment, an error on the actual flow rate in the channels can have an impact on different levels, including on shear stress. Shear stress is given by the following Newton's law :    where    is...

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Flow Control in Microfluidics

A short comparison of the most widely used methods of microfluidic flow control Microfluidics broadly encompasses the tools and techniques used to manipulate and monitor volumes of fluid on the microscale. Arguably the two most integral parts of any microfluidic setup are the microfluidic device, on which fluids flow, and the equipment used to control this fluid flow. Each type...

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Microfluidic chips: a quick overview

What is a microfluidic chip? Microfluidics designates the science but also the techniques behind flow managing at the micro-scale. At these sizes, fluids' dynamics radically changes compared to everyday life: for instance, water streams are laminar, meaning that they do not mix or form vortexes or eddies. This an other unique features are at the basis of the revolution brought by microfluidics...

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Shear stress in microfluidic devices

Definition Shear stress is defined as the stress created when a tangential force acts on a surface. The definition of shear stress applied to biology and microfluidics is the frictional force of a biological fluid flow acting on cells or tissues. Determination of shear stress:  Fluid shear stress increases with fluid velocity and with viscosity, therefore for Newtonian fluids it...

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Microfabrication materials for microfluidic cell culture and organ on chip : a review

Microfabrication materials for microfluidic cell culture and organ on chip a review The use of microfluidics in biology and medicine offers exciting new possibilities for in-vitro cell culture thanks to an increased control in the microenvironment of the cells. Two important and connected topics emerging in this field are organ on chip and 3D cell culture. The powerful tools developed...

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