3D Cell Culture Chip - Invasion Chemotaxis IC-Chip (pack of 3)
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3D Cell Culture Chip - Invasion Chemotaxis IC-Chip (pack of 3)

The IC-Chip is a unique and easy-to-use microfluidic device with three interconnected channels able to recreate a biological microenvironment for a wide range of applications and assays.
3 chips per pack.
Average lead time: 3 weeks
The IC-Chip is a unique and easy-to-use microfluidic device with three interconnected channels able to recreate a biological microenvironment for a wide range of applications and assays.
3 chips per pack.

The IC-Chip is made of biocompatible polydimethylsiloxane (PDMS) and is gas-permeable to ensure the CO2 and O2 exchange. The support in thin glass is a microscope slide with excellent optical properties such as high transparency and low autofluorescence. This allows a direct observation of your biological sample with temporal and spatial resolution by using optical, fluorescent and confocal microscopes.

This pack of 3 IC-Chips come sterile and closed in a Petri dish. The chips have to be stored in dry conditions, without direct exposition to the sunlight and at room temperature (15-25 °C).   


Side Channels Middle Channel
Height 150 µm 150 µm

 3250 µm

1125 µm (the narrow parts)

3375 µm (the wide parts)

Volume (recommended for injection)

20 µL 20 µL
Diameter of inlets 1000 µm 1000 µm

The IC-Chip has not coated surfaces. According to your application and to eventually improve cell adhesion, you can coat the channel surface by using your solutions of polymers and/or proteins.

This microfluidic device can be used also with cells embedded in hydrogels such as Collagen I, Collagen IV, Fibrin, Matrigel, etc. to recreate a reliable biological microenvironment.

The inlet diameter of 1 mm allows an easy injection of the cell suspension through common pipettes. 20 µL is the recommended volume for each channel/chamber; this will allow to have few extra µL for a practical injection and complete filling.

Additionally, it is possible to perform studies in dynamic flow conditions by using 1/16” tubing directly fitted in the inlets.  

By using the three available chambers of the IC-Chip, you can create your 3D cell culture with two different configurations:

  • 2 medium channels with a 3D mono-culture
  • 1 medium channel with a 3D co-culture. Here such examples of co-cultures:
    1. Cancer cells and fibroblasts
    2. Cancer cells and endothelial cells
    3. Fibroblasts and endothelial cells
    4. Cancer cells and macrophages

A relevant example. The in vitro recreation of a perfusable microvascular network represents a challenge in drug discovery and tissue engineering; the IC-Chip may allow you to combine a 3D co-culture of fibroblasts and endothelial cells for the assembly of functional capillaries in vitro through the process of angiogenesis and sprouting. Try it yourself by following the protocol from Kim et al. (Engineering of functional, perfusable 3D microvascular networks on a chip. Lab on a Chip, 2013. 13(8): p. 1489-1500).

Are you looking for a complex pattern with more channels/chambers? The DDI-Chip could fit your needs!


The IC-Chip is a versatile device suitable for a wide range of applications. Find here two assays performed by our satisfied customers:

Cancer cell Invasion & Metastasis 

Cell migration and invasion into 3D matrix is important in both health and disease states such as embryonic development and cancer. IC-chip provides an easy-to-use and physiologically relevant microenvironment to directly visualize and quantitatively assess migration and invasion of cells with high temporal and spatial resolution.

Primovert HDcam brochure

 PDF file with the complete Application Note & Protocol

Figure 1. Fluorescent cancer cells move through the extracellular matrix following the gradient of chemoattractant. Image courtesy of M. Karabicici and Prof. Esra Erdal.

Cancer cell Invasion organ-on-chip

Figure 2. Time resolution of fluorescent cancer cells migration through the extracellular matrix. Image courtesy of Dr. A. Kısım and Prof. Ö. Yalçın Özuysal.

Cancer Cell Invasion organ-on-chip


Following the creation of a monolayer of endothelial cells it is possible to investigate the invasion and extravasation capacities of cancer cells.


Primovert HDcam brochure

PDF file of the scientific poster

Figure 3. Fluorescently labeled breast cancer cells (MDA -MB -231) interacted with b.End3 endothelial cells and they extravasated through the endothelial monolayer into the matrix channel channel of the IC-Chip. Image courtesy of Prof. Devrim Pesen Okvur.

Extravasation organ-on-chip

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