Bubble Trap Membranes for Bubble Trap Kit

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Bubble Trap Membranes for Bubble Trap Kit

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Additional Teflon membranes for bubble trap

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Additional Teflon membranes for bubble trap

Replacement membranes for bubble trap in in-line bubbles removal protocols. 

    Replacement Membranes (X5): membrane service time depends on the kind of fluid used. For pure water, the lifetime can be several months or years. Buffer solutions significantly reduce lifetime and it is strongy recommended to flush the Buble Trap with de-ionized/distilled water after use to prevent salt crystals forming.

      Do not dismount the product until replacement of the membrane is needed.

      Dismantling and mounting of the trap without changing the membrane is likely to induce leakage.

      1. Unscrew the center screw to separate the components of the Trap.

      2. Remove the used membrane.

      3. Place a replacement membrane onto the half of the Trap.

      4. Carefully assemble the two parts of the Trap together with the retaining screw. Tighten the screw hand tight until a stop is felt (1.5Nm).

      5. The Bubble Trap is now ready for use.




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