Microfluidic Backflow Blocker Kit

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Microfluidic Backflow Blocker Kit

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Stops water from coming into your device


Features & Benefits

  • Easy to install hydrophobic 0,2µm filters.
  • Prevents microfluidic backflow into your instrument.
  • Luer lock compatible.


  • Prevent back flows into your Elveflow AF1 or OB1 Pressure Controller
  • Filter the air coming from an air pressure outlet.

    Kit Contents

    Microfluidic Backflow Blocker Kit Hydrophobic filter 0,2µm – luer male / luer lock female

    Hydrophobic filter 0,2µm – luer male / luer lock female (x16). These hydrophobic filters prevents water passing through it, acting as a liquid blocker, and resulting in dramatic decrease in the number of backflow accidents. In addition, these 0.2 µm filters will filter the air coming from your pressure outlets, to provide you with an air cleanliness as that of a clean room.

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