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    Open-source Chip Designs

Darwin Microfluidics is committed to open-source microfluidics. We want to build a community where designs can be freely exchanged between researchers. We believe that free-to-use designs will allow a wide spreading of microfluidics in every lab, from beginners to experts.

Visit the repository.

Example of a droplet generator made with one of our open-source designs

 DIY Microfabrication

Our new NPG72 biocompatible polymer is a great alternative to PDMS: its outstanding properties combine the advantages of PDMS without its drawbacks. 
We have just launched a starter pack so you can easily fabricate your chip with this polymer in your lab.

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  Reviews & Tools

Explore our reviews on the use of microfluidics for organ-on-a-chip, flow control, cell culture,
study of shear stress... Need a way to calculate the flow rate, pressure or shear stress for your microfluidic chip?

Try our tools section.

And more to come :)


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