Microfluidic Chips & Microfabrication

Custom microfabrication


We at Darwin Microfluidics think that you cannot be limited by standard designs. For specific experiments, you may require features or dimensions you cannot find elsewhere. Thus, we are able to fully design and manufacture your master mold or chip from a simple sketch! Choose you materials, your specifications, and we'll do the rest.

We also provide full soft-lithography system to fabricate your devices directly in your lab. No clean room is even needed.

Flexdym™, an alternative to PDMS


Flexdym™ is a new patented polymer used for chip microfabrication as an alternative to PDMS. This biocompatible technology (certified ISO 10993-5 & UPS Class VI) allows to fabricate a chip in only one minute at prices way lower than any other technology with better performances. Flexdym™ is the next revolution in microfluidics.