Axio Vert.A1 FL-LED Inverted Microscope with Fluorescence
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Axio Vert.A1 FL-LED Inverted Microscope with Fluorescence

Inverted microscope with binocular tube and phototube (0%/100%) for brightfield, phase contrast and fluorescence, including a set of 4 objectives (5x, 10x, 20x, 40x), condenser 0.4, object guide and universal mounting frame. The fluorescence is powered by Colibri 5 with UV-RGB LED. 
Two classes of objectives available : LD A-Plan (achromat) for common tasks, and Plan-Neofluar for better performance in fluorescence.
Camera C-mount adapter available as an option for common sensors sizes (0.5x, 0.63x and 1x). Camera not included.
Available within 8-10 weeks
Inverted microscope with binocular tube and phototube (0%/100%) for brightfield, phase contrast and fluorescence, including a set of 4 objectives (5x, 10x, 20x, 40x), condenser 0.4, object guide and universal mounting frame. The fluorescence is powered by Colibri 5 with UV-RGB LED. 

Two classes of objectives available : LD A-Plan (achromat) for common tasks, and Plan-Neofluar for better performance in fluorescence.
Camera C-mount adapter available as an option for common sensors sizes (0.5x, 0.63x and 1x). Camera not included.

In partnership with ZEISS, Darwin Microfluidics has designed a Axio Vert.A1 setup adapted to advanced experiments in microfluidics and biology.

This inverted microscope setup is made for both routine and advanced experiments,  in microfluidics and/or biology, including fluorescence over the 4 common channels thanks to the integrated Colibri 5 (UV-RGB) light source. Its robust design makes it a stable stand, and it is upgradable to catch-up with your research.

We have opted for a large specimen stage with an object guide, so that you will be able to find your area of interest and get it precisely in the center of the field of view. The 0.4 condenser (55 mm of working distance) gives you enough space to set up your experiment, and LED illumination provides a powerful source of white light.

We have chosen a set of objectives with magnification from 5x to 40x, giving you the ability of seeing the common microfluidics objects, like droplets. For better contrast, all objectives have Phase contrast, but using as little phase rings as possible (Ph1 only for LD A-Plan objectives, Ph1 and Ph2 for Plan-Neofluar objectives).  

This microscope comes with a binocular tube with an intermediate photoport (0%/100%), letting you fit a camera, for which we also provide adapters as an option.

You can find more details and applications in the brochure


Axio Vert.A1: our custom solution for microfluidics, now with Colibri 5

Axiovert A1 Bio Setup

Microscope stand Axio Vert.A1 TL/RL for transmitted light and epi-fluorescence

5x M27

10x M27

LD 20x M27

LD 40x M27

selection of Phase contrast objectives

choose between A-Plan and Plan-Neofluar class

detailed specs in the table below

Transmitted light

LED (3W)

condenser 0.4

white-light LED, with homogeneous illumination

long working distance condenser (55 mm)

Contrast methods Phase contrast 2-position or 3-position slider for easy manual operating
can be upgraded to other TL contrast methods
Epi-fluorescence Colibri 5 (UV-RGB)

Powerful LED lightsource with control panel, 4 channels:

  • UV : 385 nm - DAPI, Alexa 405, ...
  • Blue : 475 nm - eGFP, FITC, ...
  • Green : 555 nm - TRITC, Cy3, ...
  • Red : 630 nm - Cy5, Alexa 631, ...

filtercubes to be chosen separately (see related products)

Stage Specimen stage (232x230 mm)
with object guide (130x85 mm)

large working space with object guide for precise positioning

universal mounting frame included


Objectives specifications (LD A-Plan class)

 Objective Numerical Aperture Working distance Phase contrast
5x 0.15 11.7 mm Ph1
10x 0.25 8.5 mm Ph1
20x 0.35 4.9 mm Ph1
40x 0.55 2.3 mm Ph1


 Objectives specifications (LD Plan-Neofluar class)

 Objective Numerical Aperture Working distance Phase contrast
5x 0.16 18.5 mm Ph1
10x 0.30 5.2 mm Ph1
20x 0.40 7.9 mm* Ph2
40x 0.60 2.9 mm* Ph2

 *These objectives feature a correction ring to adapt to the thickness of the sample holder.


Colibri 5:  affordable LED light source for high-end imaging

Colibri 5
  • Broad spectrum excitation: Four illumination channels cover the most important dyes, fluorescent proteins and probes
  • Matched filters: The excitation filters in Colibri 5 have been specifically designed to precisely match the LEDs’ emission spectra. This avoids cross-talk between the different channels and greatly increases excitation efficiency of selected dyes. For highest imaging efficiency single and multiband path LED filters sets are available. Precise matching of LEDs with filters results in minimal crosstalk and maximum excitation and emission efficiency.
  • High efficiency: Maximize light transfer efficiency, thanks to direct coupling and an optical design with reduced optical elements.
  • Compact housing, low noise: The housing of Colibri 5 is optimized to consume as little space as possible. Colibri 5 will not disturb your work environment with a noisy fan or vibrations.
  • Linearized LEDs: Be sure that any value you adjust your LED to, corresponds exactly to the power, that the LED emits. This means that e.g. a 50 % reduction will result in precisely half the power than running the LED at 100 %.
  • Precise power output thanks to on-chip temperature sensing: Each LED emitter is equipped with an on-board temperature sensor to precisely measure the current temperature in the millisecond range

 Have a look at the Colibri brochure for more details!Colibri 5 excitation

An evolutive stand

We selected the main components of this configuration to provide you with the essential techniques, but letting you the possibility to further upgrade your stand to benefit from other modalities.


Axiovert A1 Bio Contrast

Using All Standard Contrast Techniques, It’s in a Class of its Own

Besides Brightfield and Phase contrast, you can upgrade your microscope with PlasDIC, VAREL, improved Hoffman Modulation Contrast (iHMC), DIC and Fluorescence contrast.

Axiovert A1 Bio Ergonomic Design

Ergonomic Design Makes Your Work Easier

Ease of use is built right into Axio Vert.A1: Whether you are sitting or standing, simply use intermediate pieces to work comfortably in an upright position. The ergo tube lets you tilt the eyepieces as much as you need. You can always view your samples easily.


Axiovert A1 Bio Dimensions





manual inverted stand, transmitted light and LED fluorescence (Colibri 5)

(W x D x H, including required space for cabling and plugs)

235 x 560 x 560 mm


12.3 kg


Field number 23 (W-Pl 10x/23 br foc), diameter: 30 mm




Nosepiece turret

5x, H DIC M27 man. (2x H, 3x H DIC)


LD A-Plan or LD Plan-Neofluar (select in the options)


Contrast methods (transmitted light)


Phase contrast


Illumination (transmitted light)



Output: 3 W, controllability: continuous, ≤ 1,5 to 12V


Illumination (epi-fluorescence)


Colibri 5 LED

385, 475, 555, 630 nm

control panel for manual control


Accessories included



Binocular tube, 45°, 23

Intermediate Tube

Intermediate phototube, H = 50 mm, left port (0%/100%)


LD-condensor 0,4 for slider
  • 2-position slider: empty position, Ph1 (LD A-Plan objectives)
  • 3-position slider: empty position, Ph1, Ph2 (LD Plan-Neofluar)


Specimen stage 232x230 mm with hardcoat anodized surface
Object guide M 130x85 mm for Axio Vert, for mounting frames M, with 168 mm coaxial drive

Universal mounting frame M

    Dust protection set

    Dust cover (L 520 x W 240 x H 470 mm)


      Operational data


      Area of use

      Closed spaces

      Protection class / protection type

      I, IP 20

      Electrical safety

      acc. to DIN EN 61010-1 (IEC 61010-1) allowing for CSA and UL specifications

      Overvoltage category


      Radio interference suppression

      acc. to EN 55011 Class B

      Interference immunity

      acc. to DIN EN 61326-1

      Power supply

      100 to 240 V AC ±10 %

      Power frequency

      50 to 60 Hz

      Power consumption internal mains adapter

      max. 80 VA



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