Microfluidic flow control system 4 channels
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Microfluidic flow control system 4 channels

The most precise and versatile flow control system available on the market, its performances are unparalleled. 
This control system is fit for high precision operations and demanding microfluidic experiences. 
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The most precise and versatile flow control system available on the market, its performances are unparalleled. 
This control system is fit for high precision operations and demanding microfluidic experiences. 



Default control system has 4 channels, which allows it to deliver most flow rates required for microfluidics, with an absolute compatibility with chips and microfluidic connectors.

Each pressure outlet can be set with a specific maximum pressure range: (200 mbar, 2 bar, 8 bar, -900mb/+1bar,  -900mb/+6bar)

Microfluidic flow control system 4 x 2Bar with software


Advantages of the pressure control system

If you need stability, speed and the most precise control over the fluids of an experiment, this system is the best on the market (20 times more precise and 10 times faster than other flow controllers on the market, and pulsation-free).

This pressure control system is perfectly fitted to microfluidic research. It is the only microfluidic flow control system using Piezo technology and blazing fast flow changes in your microdevice. We can advise you and install the setup best fitted for your lab.

It can be coupled with the Microfluidic thermal flow sensor to ensure a precise control of the flow rate.

Sold with a 2-year warranty- It is also possible to control pressure and vacuum on the same channel (on demand). 

How to integrate this control system to your microfluidic setup 

Main characteristics : 

  • Pressure stability: 0,005%
  • Sensor resolution: 0,006%
  • Setting time: 40ms
  • Response time: 9ms

Sold with a software for microfluidic flow control


The software allows an intuitive control of your microfluidic instruments in few clicks. It is thought both for basic control and complex tasks thanks to the use of the scheduler. 

Record any data  in a user-defined time interval up to 100Hz. The recorded data are stored files that can be saved and analyzed in the application of your choice.

Use the graph to display realtime flow rate data.

Flow rate control setup (PID)

This control system can be used with the Microfluidic thermal flow sensor for a fast and precise regulation of the flow rate . Thanks to the consistent speed of this system, both speed and precision can be achieved, even when working with multiple independant channels. The feedback loop (PID) allows you to monitor and control the flow rate of the setup, and still keep stability and responsiveness of pressure driven flow. 

This system enables fast pressurization of tanks up to a volume of 1 liter, so that long term microfluidic experiences can be set up. 

Technical characteristics

  • Pressure stability: 0,005% - 100 µbar - 0,0014 psi
  • Response time: 9 ms
  • Setting time: 40 ms
  • Pressure sensor resolution: 0,006% - 122 µbar - 0,00017 psi
  • Input pressure: min 1,5 bar - max 10 bar
  • Pressure range of each outlet: 200 mbar, 2 bar, 8 bar, -900mb/+1bar,  -900mb/+6bar
  • Liquid compatibility: any aqueous or or organic solvent, oil or biological sample solution can be propelled
  • Pressure source: non corrosive, non explosive, dry and oil-free gases, e.g. air, argon, dinitrogen, carbon dioxide, etc...


Software characteristics

The software enables a perfect synchronization between the different instruments ofd your setup. It is intuitive, yet fot for complex experiments.






C++, MatLAB, Python and LabVIEW libraries available.


  • Pressure control: easy simultaneous control of the 4 independant channels
  • Flow control: if combined with a Microfluidic thermal flow sensor, a feedback loop with adaptable sensors allows a direct flow rate control. 
  • Configurations: store up to 4 different pressure configurations and switch from one to another in a second
  • Display and save data: real time pressure and flow rate are monitored and can be saved for later studies
  • Edit functions: it is possible to define complex pressure and flow rate profiles such as ramp, sine, square and triangle

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