Microfluidic programmable syringe pump

Syringe pump

Microfluidic programmable syringe pump

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A microfluidic syringe pump for low flow rates. 

Enables a smooth pumping.

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A microfluidic syringe pump for low flow rates. 
Enables a smooth pumping.


This syringe pump can hold 1 syringe up to 60 mL (or a 140 mL filled up to 120 mL).

The range of flow rates is wide, depending on the syringe used : from 0.008 nL/hr (with a 5 µL syringe) up to 2545 µL/min (with 140 mL syringe), flow accuracy is  +/- 0,5%.

This pump is fully programmable and It works stand-alone, or with a computer, and can be used for infusion and withdrawal. 

The pump can be connected to other instruments and computers through Bi-directional RS-232 Interface and TTL Logic Control Interface. Up to 100 pumps can be connected to the same computer. 

Simple features

  • Volume and time units can be selected : µL, mL, /min, /hr
  • Pumping rate and direction can be changed while pumping
  • Memory restores all parameters on power up, even in case of a power failure while pumping

Pump programming

  • It is possible to program up to 340 phases
  • Data entry from keypad or computer
  • Pumping programs can be uploaded/downloaded to/from computer
  • Pre-programmable dispense volumes (eauch volume can be different)
  • Pumping rates and direction are automatically changeable
  • Time delays between dispenses can be set
  • The pump rate can be synchronized with other instruments (pumps, sensors, etc...)


The syringe pump is sold with power supply and two-year constructor warranty.


  • Holds 1 syringe up to 60 mL (140 mL partially filled)
  • Infusion rates from 8 pL/hr (syringe with 0.5 µL volume) to 2,545 mL/min (1syringe with 40 mL  
  • Easy-to-use keypad interface
  • Fully programmable (Operates stand-alone or from a computer)
  • Infusion and withdrawal
  • Set a single pumping rate and/or dispensing volume
  • Program up to 41 pumping phases
  • Space Saving Chassis: Foot print size of only  8 3/4" x 5 3/4" x 4 1/2" High (22.86 cm x 14.605 cm x 11.43 cm) 
    Won't take up unnecessary space on your laboratory or production bench
  • Weight: 3.8 lbs. (1.63 kg) 
  • Dispensing accuracy of +/- 0,5% and reproducibility of +/- 0.2%


    Example flow rates

    This pump is compatible with any syringe below 60 mL.

    Maximum size is 140 mL, filled partially up to 120 mL

    Syringe size Maximum rate Minimum rate
    0.5 µL 18.70 nL/min 0.008 nL/hr
    1 µL 37.57 nL/min 0.015 nL/hr
    2 µL 74.81 nL/min 0.029 nL/hr
    5 µL 187.3 nL/min 0.071 nL/hr
    10 mL 445.6 µL/min 167 nL/hr
    20 mL 708.7 µL/min 265.5 nL/hr
    30 mL 924.5 µL/min 346.4 nL/hr
    60 mL 1503 µL/min 563.2 nL/hr



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