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Darwin Microfluidics stands at the forefront of the scientific community, distributing an extensive range of microfluidic equipment worldwide. Our mission is to forge strong partnerships with suppliers who share our commitment to advancing scientific research. By collaborating with us, you gain the opportunity to showcase your products on a globally recognized e-commerce platform, designed specifically for the microfluidics field.

Benefits of partnering with Darwin Microfluidics

Global visibility: Feature your products on a renowned e-commerce website dedicated to microfluidics, reaching a vast audience of researchers and institutions.

Comprehensive offer: Enhance the value provided to your customers with a complete product offering, facilitating the success of their scientific projects.

International reach, hassle-free: Expand your market presence internationally without the complexities of customs and logistics management.

Boost sales, no extra recruitment: Benefit from increased sales opportunities without the need to expand your team. Our expert sales and support staff handle the entire sales process, including after-sales service.

Effortless collaboration: We take on the work of testing your products, crafting detailed product pages, training our sales team, and creating engaging content to highlight your offerings.

More than distribution: a partnership for success

Darwin Microfluidics is dedicated to more than just the distribution of products; we offer a comprehensive partnership. Our team of experts is equipped to address the most technical inquiries, ensuring that our partnership not only broadens your sales opportunities but also enhances the technical support available to your customers.

We welcome innovators

Whether you're a pioneering start-up or a well-established name in the industry, Darwin Microfluidics is eager to explore new and innovative technologies to enrich our offerings. We are passionate about making cutting-edge microfluidics equipment accessible to our global clientele, helping to drive the success of their scientific endeavors.

How to apply

Ready to elevate your business and make an impact in the world of scientific research? Reach out to us through our contact form. A dedicated member of our team will review your submission and respond promptly to discuss the potential of our partnership.

At Darwin Microfluidics, we are excited about the prospect of working together to shape the future of microfluidics research. Join us in our mission to supply the scientific community with the tools they need to achieve groundbreaking discoveries.

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