About us

About Us


Darwin Microfluidics is a young innovative startup founded in October 2017 by a team of engineers and PhDs with a common passion for microfluidics. In a time of unprecedented scientific progress, we firmly believe microfluidics to be the key to a new technological revolution. Our aim is simple but huge: enable research laboratories and members of the scientific community to access the best available instruments and accessories on the market. 


The perfect industrial partner for your research consortium


We are experienced in the business development of innovative products and we might be your industrial partner to turn an innovative idea in a marketable product.
Our core interest is to participate in research consortia in the field of microfluidics in order to support the development of innovative research projects. As partner of Elvesys and the NBIC Valley, we are interested in several EU-funded projects (MSCA-ITN, FET-Open and NMBP) and we would like to further expand our research network.

Darwin Microfluidics can offer a deep expertise in biotechnology, microfluidics, lab-on-a-chip and organ-on-chip. We can assist you in developing specific microfluidic chips and instruments and if you are not familiar with microfluidics, we can also manage the research work package required for your scientific project.
The scientific cooperation is often required in EU project calls for grant funding. Multidisciplinary research must take advantage of specialized actors such as innovative companies as Darwin Microfluidics whose knowledge of both science and industry can bridge the gap between scientific innovations and their global applications.

We can cover all the aspects of a R&D projet and it would be a pleasure to collaborate with you and take part of your consortium. Please, contact us at darwin@microfluidics-valley.com


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The NBIC Valley


Darwin Microfluidics is part of the NBIC valley, a scientific consortium gathering companies with knowledge in many domains of microfluidics. Our resulting strong know-how and proximity with researchers are two principal assets which allow us to provide the best products for any experiment in microfluidics. 

The NBIC Valley (Nanotechnology, Biotechnology, Information technologies, Cognitive sciences) is a consortium of 8 companies who want to share their knowledge to work better. They believe that the next technological revolution will be based on smart innovation, and want to remove all the barriers which could prevent them from developing their ideas to reach the market. We at Darwin Microfluidics are thankful to be in the NBIC Valley, and we are proud to be part of this revolution. Discover these companies:

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Microfluidic instruments
Flow controllers and sensors, valves, optical detection
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Innovative cell culture systems
Cell confinement, micropatterns, microchannels
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Soft-lithography systems
Plug and play solutions for chip fabrication without a clean room
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Microfluidic medical diagnosis
Quick biodetection protocols
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Heat & coll down cells in seconds
Innovation for live-cell high-resolution imaging
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Advanced microfabrication solutions
Bringing microfabrication to all
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Information blog on aging research
Articles on the latest researches to extend your lifespan


Darwin Microfluidics


In a time of unprecedented scientific progress, we firmly believe microfluidics to be the key to a new technological revolution, because they stand at the cross point between essential and complementary disciplines: physics, chemistry, biology, and medicine. Medical diagnosis, NBIC, organ on chip, those are only a few of the domains in which microfluidics have decisive applications. We want to participate to this revolution, by using our microfluidic expertise to enable research laboratories and members of the scientific community to access the best available instruments on the market

Our company is based on 3 principles:


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We use our microfluidic expertise to carefully choose innovative and high-quality products

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We want to help improve technologies by sharing our knowledge


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We take time to advise each researcher on the best choice for his experiment



We are a team of young scientists with a shared passion for microfluidics. During our various experiences in the scientific world, we have all been confronted to the same problem: finding a large range of microfluidics products at the same spot, easily and without losing time worrying about compatibility issues.A few cups of coffee and phone calls later, DARWIN MICROFLUIDICS was built on that simple idea.

The Darwin Microfluidics team is mostly composed of microfluidic experts. Each one of us specializes in one part of our microfluidic range (flow control, microfabrication, accessories...)  and still has a solid scientific background to understand the many applications our clients need. Here are some of the people currently developing the Darwin Microfluidics platform. The team is rapidly expanding, and we are constantly hiring.

We are looking for microfluidics specialists and enthusiasts, real professionals to our clients, who know how to have fun at work ;)

Why "Darwin Microfluidics"?

We are often asked why we picked the name "Darwin Microfluidics". There are many reasons; but most of all, we all know Charles Darwin and his famous evolution theory. Well, the same principle applies to the products on the Darwin Microfluidics website. The products that best fit the needs of research teams will develop and take up the front stage, as the ones ill-adapted to the needs of researchers will naturally be left out and will maybe end up disappearing from the site. Some products will evolve to stay competitive, and other will not adapt to a rapidly-changing and unpredictable scientific world. Sometimes, chance and circumstances lead us to an unexpected scientific discovery, and create new opportunities for a product initially intended for a different application. At Darwin Microfluidics, our job is to find the products with great potential so as to offer microfluidics solutions to those involved in this world.


Researchers, startuppers, would you like to sell your microfluidic setup on Darwin Microfluidics? 

As part of your research, you developed an innovative microfluidic system that could benefit others? For free, we can put up your system on our distribution platform. This would allow you to know if there is a wider demand for your product, while offering a solution to other researchers. Even if your system is only a prototype, we can distribute it as a beta version; it can still benefit the microfluidic research community. Their feedback might even help you evolve your system to make it an accomplished, successful product. Darwin Microfluidics welcomes this type of partnership, as it is a great way to kindle the innovative solutions that will build the future. This holds great value for us, and we mean to invest in that sort of process. Feel free to contact us if your project fits the description! You can for instance offer an application note so that others could replicate a microfluidic experiment from one of your publications, which would be very useful for the microfluidic community. We can package it and offer it as a pack so that the application note is easily applied, in partnership with the researcher or the lab behind it all.