BFS Microfluidic Coriolis Mass Flow Sensor
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BFS Microfluidic Coriolis Mass Flow Sensor

These mass flow sensors are based on the Coriolis principle which allows measuring the flow independently from the type of fluids (gases, water, oil, alcohol...). They are characterized by excellent precision over a wide range of flow rates from 1.6 µL/min to 500 mL/min. Four versions are available depending on the range of flow rates and the accuracy you need (0,2% or 2%).
Average lead time: 2-3 weeks
These mass flow sensors are based on the Coriolis principle which allows measuring the flow independently from the type of fluids (gases, water, oil, alcohol...). They are characterized by excellent precision over a wide range of flow rates from 1.6 µL/min to 500 mL/min. Four versions are available depending on the range of flow rates and the accuracy you need (0,2% or 2%).

These Coriolis mass flow sensors do not need periodical calibration and maintenance and this is one of their great advantages! In addition, they allow an extremely precise and real-time measure of fluid flow.

The sensors can be used with a very wide range of gases and liquids (water, oils, alcohols, mixed solutions/buffers) and the gathered results are independent of the working conditions (pressure, temperature, density, viscosity).


  • High accuracy
  • Direct mass flow measurement, independent of fluid properties
  • Additional density and temperature outputs
  • Bi-directional measurements
  • Fast response

The device has a USB port to directly connect it to your computer (the USB cable is included) and you do not need a control station. Dedicated software comes with the device and allows you to easily control the sensor and gather all the measures. The working principle is based on the measurement of the mass flows (positive and negative) and additional parameters such as volume, flow rate, temperature, and density are shown as well.

1x BFS Coriolis Mass flow sensor

1x Power supply

1x Documentation

1x Mounting block/shock absorber base

1x Sensor-to-RS232 cable

1x RS232/USB converter

1x Set of Ferrules for 1/16" OD tubing

1x 1/8" to 1/16" Swagelok stainless steel reducer (BFS2 and BFS3 only)

1x Bronkhorst calibration certificate (BFS1+ only)

Flow range 0.1 g/h to 200 g/h 1 g/h to 2000 g/h 30 g/h to 30000 g/h
Minimum flow rate (water) 1.6 µL/min 16.6 µL/min 500 µL/min
Maximum flow rate (water) 3.3 mL/min 33.3 mL/min 500 mL/min
Mass flow accuracy liquids down to ± 2% of measured value down to ± 0.2% of measured value
Mass flow accuracy gases up to ± 0.5% of measured value
Repeatability ± 0.05% of rate ± 1/2 (ZS X 100/flow) % based on digital output
Zero stability (ZS) (1) < ± 0.02 g/h < ± 0.2 g/h < ± 6 g/h
Density accuracy < ± 5 kg/m3
Temperature accuracy ± 0.5 °C
Temperature effect (2) Zero drift: ± 0.01 g/h/°C Zero drift: ± 0.02 g/h/°C Zero drift: ± 0.5 g/h/°C
Mounting (3) Any position, attitude sensitivity negligible
Device temperature 0...70 °C
Response time (t 98%) 0.2 s to fill the tubing then 35 ms
Wetted material Stainless steel 316L or comparable Stainless steel 316L or comparable
Optional: Hastelloy-C22 Optional: Hastelloy-C23
Pressure rating 200 bar 200 bar; higher on request
Sensor inner diameter 250 µm 0.5 mm 1.3 mm
Microfluidic fitting type 1/4-28 Swagelok
Internal volume 13 µL 0.45 mL 0.82 mL
Calibration / Individual calibration certificate

(1) Guaranteed at constant temperature and for unchanging process and environmental conditions.

(2) Depends on the flow rate, heat capacity fluid, T amb., T fluid, and cooling capacity.

(3) To be rigidly bolted to a stiff and heavy mass or construction for guaranteed zero stability. External shocks or vibrations should be avoided.

Working Principle

This Mass Flow Sensor contains a uniquely shaped, single-loop sensor tube, forming part of an oscillating system. When a fluid flows through this vibrating tube, the Coriolis forces are generated and they bend or twist the tube. The extremely small tube displacements are detected by optimally positioned sensors and evaluated electronically providing superior flow measurement performances. The fluid cause a variable phase shift and the resulting output signal is strictly proportional to the real mass flow rate. The density and temperature of the fluid are secondary outputs.


Create your complete microfluidic setup with the BFS Coriolis Mass Flow Sensor and your pressure controller. The device allows you to work with different types of fluids at the same time. A sequential injection of liquid and gas is possible! The sensor together with its software can measure the flow rate in real-time with high precision and adjust the pressure of the controller accordingly in a highly efficient feedback loop.

The BFS Coriolis Sensor covers a wide range of flow rates and it is perfect for most microfluidic applications! Compared with the MFS Thermal Flow Sensor (click here for more information!), one single BFS Coriolis Sensor can work with the flow rate of 4 different MFS Sensors. This allows you to perform different experiments with the same device while remaining thoroughly precise.

Range comparison between a BFS Coriolis Sensor and the MFS Thermal Sensors (Flow range is given for pure water).

Error along the flow range

Included Software

The Elveflow Smart Interface ESI allows intuitive control of microfluidic instruments in a few clicks. Its user-friendly interface can manage both basic control and complex tasks. The ESI microfluidic software has many applications in microfluidics, such as the generation of continuous fluid streams, dosing of volumes, generation of dynamic flow profiles, Optomicrofluidic control, etc...


  • Pressure and Flow Rate real-time monitoring and recording
  • Programming and automation of complex sequences
  • Possibility to control different instruments through the provided C++, Python, MATLAB® and LabVIEW® libraries

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