Microfluidic High Precision Pressure Sensor

Pressure Sensor

Microfluidic High Precision Pressure Sensor

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This highly accurate sensor is perfectly adapted to microfluidics, with a unparalleled precision for volumes down to 7.5µL.

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This highly accurate sensor is perfectly adapted to microfluidics, with a unparalleled precision for volumes down to 7.5µL.


5 sensors are available, with pressure ranges from 1 psi (70mbar) to 100 psi (7 bar).

2 packages are available :

  • The large package version, with 3/32 ID Tubing, and
  • The small package version, with 10-32 fittings for 1/16 OD tubing



Small package version has been optimised to remove dead volume and for low internal volume which makes it a perfect choice for microfluidic applications.


Microfluidic high precision Pressure Sensor Schema


The sensor measures positive and negative pressure relativly to atmospheric pressure.


  • Accuracy down to 0.2 % Full Scale
  • 5 ranges  from 1 psi (70 mBar) to 100 psi (7 bar)
  • No dead volume
  • Ultra small internal volume of 7.5 µL on small package version
  • Up to 1 ms Settling time (when using the Sensor Reader & SDK)
  • Compatible with gas and liquids (Limited only to media compatible with polyetherimide, silicon, and fluorosilicone seals)
  • Plug and Play Microfluidics : extremely  sensitive and responsive flow rate regulation, while being very simple to operate. 


To create a complete microfluidic setup, we recommand you use the Microfluidic thermal flow sensor and the Microfluidic flow control system. they are both compatible with the software sold with this product.



Connect the flow reader to your computer via USB and monitor using the software.


Place the sensors anywhere you want on your fluidic path and electrically connect sensors to your flow reader.


Thanks to their small footprint, sensors can be placed anywhere within your fluidic system.


Sold with a software for microfluidics

The software allows an intuitive control of your microfluidic instruments in few clicks. It is thought both for basic control and complex tasks thanks to the use of the scheduler. 

Record any data  in a user-defined time interval up to 100Hz. The recorded data are stored files that can be saved and analyzed in the application of your choice. 

Use the graph to display realtime flow rate/pressure data.



C++, MatLAB, Python and LabVIEW libraries available. 

Technical specifications

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