Herringbone Mixer - Glass Chip
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Herringbone Mixer - Glass Chip

This micromixer chip is a useful tool for mixing liquids through the herringbone-shaped channel optimally. Its convenient 1/4-28 UNF threaded ports allow to connect the chip to your setup in a second!
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This micromixer chip is a useful tool for mixing liquids through the herringbone-shaped channel optimally. Its convenient 1/4-28 UNF threaded ports allow to connect the chip to your setup in a second!

The easy set-up of this versatile glass chip offers a rapid way to mix two fluids by decreasing the necessary length for diffusion and increasing the probability for solute transport between fluids.

This herringbone chip is convenient, cost-effective and reliable for all your experiments:

  • Highly-resistant and optically clear glass
  • Standard microscope glass slide size (25 x 75 mm)
  • Standard 1/4-28 UNF threaded ports
  • Easy handling

Simply connect the chip to your setup using 1/4"-28 fittings for 1/16" OD or 1/8" OD tubing.


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Working principle and applications

The Herringbone Mixer significantly accelerates the mixing in the low Reynolds number regime by inducing the formation of chaotic flows. 

The microchannel presents a specific pattern with asymmetric herringbone shaped grooves on its bottom able to generate helical flow and chaotic stirring for mixing two liquids.

Mixing of the fluid flowing through microchannels is important in a variety of applications: e.g., in the homogenization of solutions of reagents used in chemical reactions.

Recently, this Herringbone Mixer has permitted important advancements in the production of liposomes (enclosed phospholipid vescicles). Cheung et al., (Int J Pharma 2019) reported indeed, for the first time, the production of stable and uniform (100 nm) PEGylated liposomes by using our Herringbone Mixer. They studied the effect of different formulations (aqueous media, initial lipid concentration, lipid components and composition) and processing parameters. 

This chip shows higher throughput, faster mixing and lesser ilution compared to other microfluidic devices.

Herringbone Mixer Liposomes - Darwin Microfluidics

Schematic of the setup from Cheung and Al-Jamal, International Journal of Pharmaceutics 566 (2019) 687–696 (PDF file)

    • Slide format: 25 x 75 m
    • Channel depth: 0.08 mm
    • Channel width:  0.1 to 0.5 mm
    • Volume: 3.3 µL
    • Volume Mixer: 0.47 µL
    • Length Mixer: 28.7 mm
    • Material: Glass
    • Connectors: 1/4″-28 Fittings 

    In the mixing section there are 6 mixing elements (chevrons) form one block (half cycle) and 30 blocks, so there are 15 complete cycles in total. The chip is tested with pressures from 1 to 3 bar, but there are also few examples of utilisation up to 10 bar.

    • The two arms of one chevron are 1/3 to 2/3 of the channel dimension (200 µm)
    • The distance between the chevrons is 50 µm
    • Each mixing element is 50 µm width and 30 µm height

    T-29 Herringbone Mixer

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