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Since 2017, Darwin Microfluidics has been committed to delivering reliable and precise syringe pumps to laboratories worldwide. With our extensive product line and expertise in microfluidic flow control and accessories, we provide the tools to advance research and development across various industries, from microfluidics, chemical development, to medicinal chemistry, and beyond.

Our syringe pumps offer highly precise and consistent fluidic delivery, allowing researchers to achieve reproducible results in their experiments. Join us in our mission to drive progress through innovative microfluidic solutions.

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Designed for seamless integration into your setups, our customizable syringe pumps provide reliable and reproducible performance for a wide range of applications.

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Designed for precise and reproducible fluid delivery, our range of laboratory syringe pumps offer customizable solutions to fit your exact needs.

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Precision engineered for seamless compatibility with our syringe pumps, these syringes offer reliable and consistent fluid control for your experiments.

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Why using a laboratory syringe pump?

Syringe pumps are a versatile and reliable tool for fluid control in microfluidic research. With a mechanical system operated by an electric motor, these pumps provide precise plunger motion and a fixed delivery rate.

Our syringe pumps feature a stepper motor and plunger for push-in infusion and pull-out withdrawal, making them invaluable for diverse laboratory applications. These pumps offer easy integration with a range of syringe sizes, providing a tailored solution to researchers' specific needs.

Experience confidence and precision in fluid control with our syringe pumps for laboratory.

What are the advantages of syringe pumps?

Syringe pumps offer a remarkable advantage in terms of convenience. Despite minimal expertise, they can be effortlessly configured and put into operation in a matter of minutes.

Programmable syringe pumps are particularly impressive as they enable users to create tailor-made pumping methods, ranging from basic infusions and withdrawals to intricate flow profiles.

This feature significantly enhances the versatility of this trusted flow control technique.

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